I reviewed the presentation document you sent the link to, as well as your website. It is impressive! The different approach to industrial building design and construction when related to the cost savings it is quite sensational.

Doina Dobre, P. Eng. GSC,  Senior Cost Estimator / Managing Partner, Emerald Group

Speaker at The Global EPCM for the Oil & Gas, Energy Conference

Over the years I have been lucky enough to work with Hilton on a number of projects and I cannot state enough how well he wins over the team and impresses the Clients.

He has a passion for his work, a positive outlook, an excellent work ethic and is able to very clearly articulate ideas and designs.


Hilton continuously demonstrates innovative ways to save costs for our Clients including a 6 million dollar savings to use metal framed fabric structures on a recent project. His understanding of Building Codes and site specific  requirements has helped us to provide the best possible quality at the lowest price for our Clients.

John Steidl, CSA lead, Canada 

It was a pleasure working with Hilton Quinn on my last project. He was a valued member of my team that defined sound technical solutions with significantly lower capital cost.


He was also integral in the process of obtaining the buy-in of the project team and our client to the solutions. I'm pleased to provide Hilton my personal reference.

Tasha Sherbanuk, Executive Project Director, Fluor Canada

I have had the privilege of working closely with Hilton on a major project with a large EPC firm located in Western Canada. I witnessed first hand the massive savings he provided for our project by reducing the budget cost and accelerating the project schedule. Our project director took a chance on using Hilton's unconventional but innovative ideas to potentially save millions and he made it happen!

Hilton is one of the most talented colleagues I have ever had the privilege to know and work with, always demonstrating professionalism, an extremely strong work ethic and humility.

If you really want to push your company's savings to the next level then do yourself a favour and read Hilton's case studies and take them seriously. They are truly engaging and will absolutely give you the confidence to reach your goals!


Jeff LaPointe, CSA Design lead, Canada 

I know Hilton through his role working for the 'Owner's Engineer' on an enormously complex, publicly-funded transportation infrastructure project.


Hilton represents his client's interests with fairness, tenacity, and attention to detail, while maintaining a firm and far-ranging grasp of the larger context; technically, aesthetically, politically, and financially

Robert Stirling, Associate, GEC Architecture