Wherever you are in your project right now, we can help you put forward value engineering ideas that will reduce you capital cost without compromising QUALITY. Our cost reduction initiatives have resulted in numerous multi-million dollar savings whilst:

  • IMPROVING quality

  • ACCELERATING the schedule

  • REDUCING construction risk

  • Providing more EFFICIENT designs


Those are achievements that don't normally go hand in hand. Our commitment to attain the highest level of cost reductions and without affecting quality, safety or performance are the key performance indicators that sets us apart.


In fact we've managed to reduce costs by up to 63% over previous budget prices and yet managed to accelerate the construction schedule by an incredible 75%.

So if you’re struggling to make substantial inroads into your cost reduction initiatives, book your consultation today. We will help solve your budget problems and give your project the best chance of success.


Do you have the most cost effective building for your needs?  Quinn Design has saved $6 MILLION on one project by proposing a innovative type of construction and accelerated the schedule by 1 YEAR


Have you selected the correct technology and materials to bring you the lowest possible cost? By selecting a specific  cladding  product we reduced the construction cost by $1,000,000 & eliminated 130MT of steel.


Review and redesign your building floor plan to give you the most efficient layout for the lowest cost. By following specific design principles we reduced a Control Buildings cost by 22%


If you're looking for creative ideas to reduce capital costs, from bid evaluations, specification reviews to building contracting strategies, book a free telephone consultation below

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