Hilton Quinn, who has previously held positions such as Principal Building Specialist and Department Head Technician, holds a National Diploma in Architecture and has over 25 years of design, strategic planning and leadership in oil & gas, transportation, industrial and commercial industries.

He’s the strategic influencer that project leaders and engineering managers turn to when they want to create innovative value engineering ideas with the most cost effective project execution plan possible, so that they can gain a significant commercial advantage over their competitors.

His vast & varied worldwide experience across numerous sectors enables him to bring a
unique perspective that very few in the world can match. It is the secret ingredient he's used to gain multi million dollar project savings and the reason why Owner Operators and EPC firms who want to reach maximum profitability, without compromising quality or safety want to use his services.



In 2015 HIlton  endured his second major downturn in the oil and gas industry. He watched many of his good friends, highly skilled engineering colleagues, lose their jobs. He wasn't unaffected himself, having to uproot his family from Calgary, Canada and move to the UK to work on a multi billion dollar EPC project that ensured some long term security.

During the ensuing period the energy landscape changed entirely. Fracking survived! Cartels, monopolies and high prices became a thing of the past. Free markets leveled the playing field and low oil prices were here to stay.

But what he noticed during this major downturn was that there was a dire need to be more cost conscious in order to compete in the new low oil market. Low cost outsourcing was one option but there was still a huge opportunity in the design of the infrastructure.


He realised that since 2013 he had personally put forward $70m worth of cost saving solutions, but as an employee of large EPC firms. So he established his own consultancy in which he helps projects leaders and engineering firms reach their next level of efficiency, cost savings and project success.